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About Us

The company’s founder, engineer (Electrical Engineering) Michael Mayer was interested during his studies at the University of Hannover in the years 1987 to 1993 for renewable energies. For that reason he used all opportunities to learn in this field.Initially he worked in energy technology at the company Siemens and in the Outsert technology for the company Philips. Then he moved to the VDE Testing and Certification Institute. In 2009, he finally emigrated to Portugal and continued his dreams into reality. He started his own business in the field of renewable energies.



Today we work in the field of photovoltaics and we are specialists in planning and execution of photovoltaic systems. We also provide an individual selfmade kit according your needs with detailed instructions.
The power supply of electrical photovoltaic energy into the net is another area we work for you.



Once you have a photovoltaic system, which is closer to ride than a electromobile. Because with stand-alone systems you usually have an oversupply of electrical energy during the summer time especially if you do not supply into the net. Load your electromobile with this energy and you will drive for very low costs.

But even if you load your electromobile at the outlet so you drive at an unbeatable price. An electric bike you can go for 1.50 EUR per 100km.
Ask us, we will advise you and offer you a customized solution.


Solar heating

We work for you in the area of solar heating that means to warm up the water for a shower or for washing activities by the sun. Here in Portugal we use systems that have the water deposit on the roof (200 or 300l without pump), but also systems with deposits inside the house.


Wind Power Stations

Small wind power stations are systems we plan and install. They have rated power between 300 and 1500W. It is very important to find the right place on the property and to choose the right power of the system in accordance to the wind circumstances in the region the costumer lives. We support you in this area on the way to your own wind power station.


Solar Cooker

Here in the south of Europe the sun is very strong so that it is easily possible to cook by sun. We are specialists in cooking systems by using parabol solutions.


Solar Swimming-Pool Heater

What is more comfortable than the own swimming-pool if the summer is very hot. If you like to extend your bath season for two month a year we offer solar swimming pool heating systems. They will increase the water temperature by 4°C. There is a very big difference if you use your pool at 23°C or at 19°C. We offer complete solutions.


Your SuperEnergia Team

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